This Never Should Have Happened

After Drake’s story went viral, he was finally returned to his family

After Drake’s story went viral, he was finally returned to his family. Drake was a happy four-year-old with loving parents and two older siblings.

After CPS kidnapped him from his home and placed him in foster care in June 2019, the petition for his return was signed by 43,000 people, the video of his case received more than 2.4 million views, $130,000 was raised for his defense, the Texas Supreme Court ordered that Drake be returned home…

…and CPS finally dismissed the case…



The case was dismissed in court but now CPS has placed Drake’s parents on the Child Abuse Registry anyway.

Fact #1

Placement on the registry is life-altering

Being listed on it as a child abuser stays on a family’s record, shows up on background checks, and can prevent them from obtaining employment or even from volunteering at their child’s school or church activities.

Fact #2

CPS Makes Their Own Rules

CPS has the power to place innocent families on the Child Abuse Registry, even if they were never found guilty of abuse or neglect. Innocent families like the Pardos are placed on the registry completely at the whim of CPS right alongside people who commit horrible crimes against their children, such as starving, beating, torturing or killing them.No judge is involved in the drastic decision.The family’s legal counsel is now challenging CPS’ decision to list them as “child abusers.”

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Leaders Who Have Joined the Call to Defend Drake’s Family

Dr. James Dobson

National Radio Host, Psychologist

Tim Lambert

President, Texas Home School Coalition

Tim Wildmon

President, American Family Association

Bradley Pierce

Co-Founder, Heritage Defense Foundation

Andrew Brown

TX Public Policy Foundation – Center for Families and Children, Director

Krista McIntire

Director and Founder, Family Rights Advocacy

JoAnn Fleming

President, Grassroots America, We The People

Ann Hettinger

State Director, Concerned Women for America, Texas

Dave Welch

Founder, Texas Pastor’s Council

Trayce Bradford

President, Texas Eagle Forum

Jim Graham

President, Texas Right to Life

Janathan Saenz

President, Texas Values

Brandon Creighton

TX Senate Higher Education Chairman

Dan Huberty

TX House Education Chairman

Donna Campbell

TX Senate Veteran Affairs – Border Security Chairwoman

Charles Perry

TX Senate Rural Affairs Chairman

Jeff Leach

TX House Judiciary Chairman

Bob Hall

TX Senate Agriculture Chairman

Jonathan Stickland

TX House Representative

Matt Krause

TX House Corrections Chairman

Matt Scheafer

TX House Representative

Mayes Middleton

TX House Representative

Mike Lang

TX House Representative

Steve Toth

TX House Representative

Valoree Swanson

TX House Representative

Jose Menendez

TX State Senator

Joe Moody

TX House Representative

Pat Fallon

TX State Senator

Harold Dutton

TX House Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Chairman

James Whte

TX House Corrections Chairman

Jared Patterson

TX House Representative

Matt Shaheen

TX House Representative

Bill Zedler

TX House Representative

Candy Noble

TX House Representative

Briscoe Cain

TX House Representative

Scott Sanford

TX House Representative

Johana Scot

Executive Director, Parent Guidance Center